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How to Buy your ARTIS brushes cheap!!!

Dear Loves,

Welcome back! I  hope that your new year is bringing forth much love, happiness and joy! Make this year the best one so far! This post is for all of you that have been wanting the ARTIS brushes but find them exorbitantly priced and have decided to invest  in the cheaper version. But before you click on that submit payment button, read how I got mine super cheap ( well, as much as possible anyways!)



I was browsing on HSN and suddenly the brushes appeared on the screen! I was like OMG this is insane! So I click on them and they have the 5 brush set for 4 flex payments, which is super affordable like less that 50 a month. I was so thrilled that I could get them like this because it is super cheap and you get them quickly and are sure that they are not a rip off or a fake version of these. I decided to do it this way because 200 all together is so expensive, right? I also went ahead and got the cleaning pad and the soap that is used to care for these during this time, since they had the flex payment for these as well. Sometimes they even have 5 flex pays so you can have an even better deal. 





I hope that you guys find this post useful! Also, here is my unboxing video for these brushes so you can also take a look at that!













Watch the video here!!!

See you in my next post!


xoxo ED

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